About Me
About Me
I’m a passionate filmmaker & photographer from Andros, Greece.

I strive to create art with a meaning and share stories filled with emotion. For me, it’s all about the moment, capturing it and sharing the experience with the viewer in a cinematic but honest way. Every project has a story to tell so let’s unveil it!

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Filmmaking is the form i use to express myself and create stories in my unique way.
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In photography I always look and think before opening the shutter to capture an image. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera for me. No matter what i want to showcace, i always have to implement this mindset.

Question yourself, what makes you come alive and go do that. I will have to thank Andros for that. This video will always remind me where it all began.


My Latest Works

chapter 01

Olive Oil Mill Villa Photoshoot

chapter 02

Andros - The Island of My Dreams

chapter 03

Traditional Caique Trip

Looking Forward to hear your next project as we bring it to life!

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